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ArpKor Okay, im surprised! Positively surprised! This is an awesome album! The mix of brutality and the melodies + the melancholical clean vocals feel real, it all fits together, without being mainstream or washed up! GREAT! 5 out of 5! Favorite track: Projection.
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Scumbag What an awesome album! It's so disjointed and full of juxtopositions yet it all fits together cohesively into a whole that exceeds the sum of its parts. There are quiet introspective moments punctuated by bursts of face-mutilating fury. The interplay of clean and death vocals seems natural and they don't try to outdo each other. So many moods represented here, try not to get disoriented... Favorite track: Projection.
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released September 13, 2011


All Music: Warren D. Tews / Mark D. Stephens

Vocals and Lyrics: Warren D. Tews

Guest Vocals on Deceit of Conscience: Monika Valentovič

Mixed by Derek Steinbrenner @ Bentley Studios in Edmonton, Alberta
Mastered by Jens Bogren @ Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden



all rights reserved


Alterity Edmonton, Alberta

Warren Tews
Mark Stephens

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Track Name: Projection

A storm is coming
This is the beginning
You’re on your own
You will be driven out, denied, and reduced to silence
Many voices many minds
From the beginning
You gave your rights to survive within my consciousness
You’ll be stripped away of existence
Within these walls
You’ll be driven out
You will be driven out
I will defeat you
Overcome myself
This is
A beginning
The beginning
Compassion is unknown
Compassion has failed us
Track Name: Deceit Of Conscience
Deceit of Conscience

I deny myself, and all that I am
There’s nothing left for you to say
Close your eyes
Tread behind
And say goodbye to what you believe
Sleep brings no release
It’s time to wake
To never quell that inner voice
Tearing through your heart
This plague of sin
Will not be washed away
The darkness within you
Will tear you down
And return
Time and time again
There’s nothing left for you to say
Nothing left for you to be
Guilt waits me out
And wakes me again
It’s not your place to say
Shaking and alone
That there is love
{Taking all you have} - {Monika & Warren}
There is love
{Taken all you love} - {Monika & Warren}
There is trust
If but for the moment
Contrition is all you had
And it’s not who I am
Alone, betrayed
I will live
to bring you down
To breathe you in
For I am numb
Track Name: The Pharmakon
The Pharmakon

You level me with your gaze
I watched you change
Frozen, disengaged
You’re so weak
Choices are contusions
Let go
Control is an illusion
Let go
And go on
Your anger is useless without reflection
Shrouding the happiest moments
in sadness
I can no longer hunt this emotion
For when I look into your eyes
I see nothing
But myself
Watching me drown
Follow me down
This hatred
A reflection of everything I am
Poisons me
And cures me
You will never level me with that gaze again
Follow me
For nothing can save you now
Track Name: Atonement

My liege
My Sage
So far away
My grief
My rage
So numb and grey
At least echo
Or sigh
Your silence is devastating me
Leave me behind
My love
I now realize
I cannot contain these things inside of me
When I give myself completely
My love is lost
And horrors rise
But nothing else could have shown me
Anything more beautiful
Nothing else could have shown me
How beautiful this all can be
How beautiful this could have been